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Concetta Antico Tetrachromat Artist




Concetta speaks to her adoring students as they celebrate the 10th annual Student Show. She highlights the value of art and creativity in people's lives, noting particularly the great capacity it has to change lives, as well as to heal. Oil painting has been her passion for her entire life. Over her 20 year career at The Salon, she has personally inspired over 15,000 students. Her recent diagnosis as a tetrachromat with super vision further enhances her great capability to show the world in all its color and beauty. It is rare to find such qualities in one person, which is the hallmark of her success. She firmly believes that oil painting, or any other creative endeavor, is merely a skill to be learned and that everyone is inherently capable.


San Diego Artist Concetta Antico
Concetta K. Antico & The Salon of Art School


Gifted Australian native Concetta Antico paints pure magic.  Her process manifests masterpieces in one deft sitting. Such performances have been viewed with awe by her collectors who have noted that her super vision process must be seen to be believed...  

Stunning original works unite the artist with nature through a style of heavenly color and dynamic brushwork held in edgy compositions.  

A recently diagnosed Tetrachromat her rare genetics provide a 4th color vision receptor. This new super vision status takes her beyond known art as it reveals she can process over 100m colors. 

Concetta's Tetrachromism hails a new epoch in fine art "isms",  uniting art and science. Through her extraordinary eyes the beauty of the world is transformed into unparalleled art which provides us an opportunity to see it also.  

Collectors all over the world covet Antico originals. Currently over 500 gifted works reside in private collections. See for information on the next unveiling of new works.


Concetta Antico Tetrachromat Artist
Concetta Antico a Tetrachromat Artist


"I preserve life's fleeting beauty & truth in my oil paintings by capturing the colors the creator intended us to see. My quest is to portray the essence and immediate energy I feel and the impressions of Earth's exquisiteness. Subjects speak from my canvas with visual conversations born of the human eye & bliss of the heart. 

To capture life’s loveliness and sustain it in this reality, my works are limited to one sitting with faith that all my creations are sublime in their purest form, upon birth. My personal challenge therefore excludes amendments which would make originals substitutions. I commit to a pure and raw emotion technique upon inception.

My technical dialogue speaks of deft value, color, form & poetic brushstrokes, performed synchronistically in one act with heart... This command manifests visual stories onto my canvas, which generate a life force all their own.

View my art and know me. For what I saw, what stirred in my mind and filled my heart with joy will remain, forever.”

Atelier Art School
Atelier Art School


In the era of French Impressionism, an art instructor's studio was called an Atelier. It's purpose was to be a school providing academic training in the oil painting medium and in the classic style, (using age-old methods traditionally passed from master to student). Concetta K. Antico created such a school two decades ago. She tailored her methods for fine oil painting instruction to reinforce classical Atelier philosophy in her role as fine artist and arts educator.

At her Salon Of Art studio the focus is on learning via the masters techniques, recreating works by reinforcing their skills. Ms. Antico promotes important classical principles such as line, color-mixing, shape, form, value, pattern, visual accuracy, composition and brushwork through step-by-step demonstration, unique methodologies, resources and lectures. Her instructional techniques draw from centuries of knowledge as well as her own career achievements and unique life experiences. Additionally, Ms. Antico instills a love in her students for art history, fine art appreciation, and knowledge of important oil painting process.

A leader in the San Diego Art Community, Ms. Antico has passed her knowledge along to thousands of students of every age and level. She continues to inspire her students with her excellent ability to teach as well as to paint. Her enthusiasm, dedication and passion for art are evident. All students are valued and encouraged equally as a result of her belief that fine art creation is a skill to be learnt requiring no special "talent". Her belief is that today, more than ever, there is a need for balance through cultural pursuits as we battle against a world filled with so much technology. Concetta maintains that greater personal self-expression, in the form of creativity and artistic endeavors, will provide a backlash to technology and a solution, accessible to all.

To this end, The Salon of Art continues to provide a nurturing environment for a limited number of serious students so as to provide highly individualized attention and maximum development for each. Along with offering Atelier-style instruction, The Salon of Art's professional studio is equipped with all fine art amenities. Concetta has created a quality program. Learning to oil paint in the classical tradition will take a student several years to accomplish but it is an endeavor well worth the time invested. There is no short cut to producing quality art. Like other professions, it is a life-long pursuit involving continuous academic training, patience, practice and dedication. "It is the love of the process, not the product, that makes the artist." she states.

Learning to oil paint will be a great springboard to a new and powerful personal self awareness. It is joyful and relaxing. Oil painting has proven to relieve stress, lower blood pressure, improve self esteem, eliminate depression and create a happier and more fulfilled life. Other benefits include enhanced concentration, focus, and a elation at being able to see the world in a different way, an artist's way... These are just a few of the gifts realized by learning to oil paint. No matter age or ability, imaginations will be stretched, while minds and spirits are nurtured.

Whether oil painting is to be a hobby or a career there are great benefits to be realized from instruction by Concetta K. Antico at The Salon of Art. Inquire today and find out what others are raving about.

Oil Painting by Concetta K. Antico
Oil Painting by Concetta K. Antico


Great news on the Tetrachromat testing!  A science and technology foundation is considered superior, including art.  We love the vividness of the colors in your work.   We are disciples of your art and I believe your paintings will go up in value substantially, God willing, while you are still with us  :-) .  Thank you again for a wonderful evening and the opportunity to invest in your paintings.
~ Drs. Amir & Rachna Jafri, San Diego

Do you remember that day I sat with you as you painted plein aire - it was that lovely mission on the hills above San Diego? I remember marveling at all the colors you put into the painting - I could not see half of what you put in, and I just thought you made up the rest to make it a really great painting!? Now I see you were not kidding - no wonder your paintings are so colorful -- WOW - what a great way to live!! Wish I was one of the 2%-ers! That painting is one that is always up in whatever house I live in - one of my favorites - and I will not sell it, no matter how much up in price it goes - so there!"
~ Telise Rodlev, Colorado

Concetta Painting En Plein Air
Concetta Painting En Plein Air

Concetta's unique and expanded color perception due to tetrachromacy plays out in her work as a teacher and most vividly as an oil painter and artist. Whether in a studio class or during a plein air session, her students often remark how she accentuates and "sees" colors in the subject matter being painted that they cannot readily  discern themselves. This ability to amplify what is just beyond our own vision is a gift that she generously shares, and it contributes to every student's technique and understanding in the use of color. Her work affords the student and collector alike an opportunity to see the world in a new way.

Each painting is a cacophony of color that harmoniously works and is credible to our perceptual sensibilities because she is able to take us to a world that we would not otherwise naturally see, or appreciate its richness and diversity of color. That is why many of her paintings have both a whimsical and magical, if not a timeless and ethereal effect. Her enhanced
color perception also allows her to represent light and form with just a few well placed but unexpected strokes of color, and therefore to paint more efficiently with less brushstrokes.
A true Contemporary Impressionist....
~ Dr. Wendy Martin, San Diego



Nominee, Women Who Move The City
San Diego Magazine
September 2013
Nominee, Women Who Move The City Award by San Diego Magazine.

Design Excellence Award for Best Use of Textiles
ASID (American Society of Interior Designers)
December 2012
Design Excellence Award for Best Use of Textiles awarded by ASID San Diego for Antico's vintage furniture. 

THE ROSE AWARD for outstanding contributions to the community
Mission Hills Town Council
Commended by the Mission Hills Town Council for services to the community. Presented to The Salon Of Art School for fine art instruction. Antico's school has been in the Mission Hills area since 2003, previously started in La Jolla in 1994. Fine artist Concetta Antico is the founder and educator.

TWIN Award Women in Business 



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